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In this growing world, portability and agility go hand in hand along with everything ranging right from technology to information being tied up in smaller packaging, people are now moving towards convenience in all the terms. For instance, mobile applications are best to consider, they play a vital role in the modern lifestyle. The news related applications such as sports news apps, business news app has become the priority and trending phenomenon. From television and radios, people have now moved on to mobile applications due to their convenience. For those in the business world, its important to follow business on daily basis and business news apps have been truly reliable for the same.

Listed below are the most popular business news apps;

Business Today App

Business Today App covers every aspect of Business including topics like international markets, stocks, gold, personal finance and so on. The pattern begins with covering the basic news following by different bulletins covering the major news along with Q&A’s and in depth explanations. Also, the stock market news permits the readers to monitor the on going changes in the major stocks at the earliest. While, the other sections include corporate news, galleries and videos.

Mint Business News

Mint Business News is best known for providing fastest information along with instant updates right on your fingertips. The user friendly interface lets readers to have an hassle free experience at the app. The concept of personalized news is its plus point, you can see what you are interested in without searching for the same. Updates from Forex, Commodities, Stocks along with Live tracking of the market, it provides in detail information about the on going happenings in the business world.

 Business Standard

Accurate, Reliable and Credible are the right words describing the news provided by the Business Standard. The app offers an update for both, International and National stock markets, sharing articles options and alerts on latest news.


Easy to use and understand along with a fast user interface, AlShorts offers the best. It provides only verified news to its readers. The app covers a wide range of topics including business news and categories like auto, tech, corporate news and so on. The dark mode of the app helps AlShorts to stand out in the crowd.

To conclude, Accurate and Timely business news updates can evolve the business world and the above listed best apps for business news are the best of all to pick from. To know more, stay connected!

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